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Latin Market Analysis

There is no doubt that the growth of the Latin music industry on an international level has demonstrated its potential and capacity. This industry will continue to expand further. The proof of that is clearly seen in the media, especially in radio and TV, where songs, sitcoms, commercials, movies, and music with Latin influences are presented. There are also products and services such as newspapers, books, and magazines which feature articles or full layouts of Latin artists. Today the market demand and growth for Latin music in Canada is stronger than ever and there are different ways to satisfy the affinity of the Canadian public for such a demand.

According to Statistics Canada, there is close to 1 million Latinos in Canada. In Quebec 150,000 of those are of Hispanic origin. In Quebec 35-40% of record sales, come from Latin music content. The reality is that sales have increased ever since Ricky Martin invaded Quebec’s Record charts in 1999. From that point on, Latin songs have been able to reach the top spots in radio charts across Canada. In the last year, Montreal has been affected by the Latin Wave. This has resulted in the creation of Latin events in clubs that do not particularly cater to Latinos, and a growth in demand for more Latin acts in all music categories such as Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Bachata, Latin-House, Reggeaton and even Spanish Rock.

Today it is no longer surprising to showcase International Latin performers in some of the top concert halls in the city such as The Medley, Metropolis, or Spectrum. Artists like Ricky Martin did two consecutive sold out shows at the Molson Center and Mark Anthony sold out the Metropolis in two hours. Less recognized Latin artists such as DLG, Fulanito, Victor Manuelle, Monchy Y Alexandra, Aventura, Gilberto Santa Rosa have been able to pack the Medley and Metropolis to full capacity. These are just a few of the Latin Artists that have been able to break barriers here in Montreal. This is without mentioning renowned Latin artists such as Gloria Estefan, Gypsy Kings, Elvis Crespo, Oscar De Leon, Tito Puentes, Celia Cruz, Santana and many more.

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